Deadline: May 3rd 2023. 

Eligibility criteria: The visitor can be an academic at a foreign University or a Scientist from an overseas Research Institution or from industry. The visitor can visit UK Universities and Research Centres. All PIs should be members of CCP5.  

Eligible cost: Applicants can ask for up to £2,500 to cover accommodation and travel cost (VISA costs are not covered).  

Assessment criteria:  

  1. Scientific track record of the visitor. 
  2. Fit of the visitor’s profile to the CCP5 remit and benefit to the network. 
  3. Number of UK Universities and Research Centres to be visited. 
  4. Diversity of the proposed itinerary. 

The PI will receive the funds and has the responsibility to manage them and coordinate with the other sites. The funds must be spent within 12 months of being received. If the visit is cancelled or curtailed, the funding must be returned to CCP5. 

Any extra expenses are to be covered by the hosts’ institution. 
Application form 

The complete list of former visitors