CCP5 is actively managed by several committee members headed by a chairperson. These executive committee members are expertises in wide-range of scientific disciplines in areas of molecular simulations. Once a year, a large steering committee meets to discuss the project. Executive committee members are elected by vote from the CCP5 membership.

Dr Alin Elena

Scientific Secretary

CCP5 Steering Committee

Dr Barbara Montanari


CoSeC director and Computational Sciences and Engineering division head.

Professor John Harding

University of Sheffield

Professor Mark Wilson

University of Durham

Professor James Elliott

University of Cambridge

Professor Jon Rowe

Alan Turing Institute

Professor Peter Haynes

Imperial College London & Royce Institute

Dr Misbah Sarwar

Johnson Matthey

Theme Leads

Professor Gábor Csányi

University of Cambridge

Machine learning

Professor Fernando Bresme

Imperial College London


Professor David Quigley

University of Warwick

Software roadmap

Executive Committee

Dr Karen Johnston

University of Strathclyde

Dr Andrew Logsdail

University of Cardiff

Dr Alexander O'Malley

UNiversity of Bath

Dr Jonathan Skelton

University of Manchester

Dr Mark Storr


Dr Stephen Cox

University of Cambridge

Dr David WIlkins

Queen's University Belfast

Summer School Committee

Dr Colin Freeman

University of Sheffield

Prof. Neil Allan

University of Bristol

Dr James Dawson

Newcastle University

Dr Alin Elena

Daresbury Laboratory STFC

Former chairs

Professor David Heyes – Royal Holloway University of London


Professor MJ Gillan – University of Keele


Professor JHR Clarke – UMIST


Professor JG Powles – University of Canterbury


Prof Sir JS Rowlinson – University of Oxford


Professor Sir G Hills


Software&Methodology Expert Support

Dr John Purton

classical MD and MC; DL_Monte developer

Dr Alin M Elena

classical and ab inition MD; DL_POLY developer

Dr Chin Yong

biological simulations; DL_FIELD

Dr Michael Seaton

mesoscale; DL_MESO

Prof Ilian Todorov

classical md; DLPOLY

Dr Andrey Brukhno

coarse graining; DLPOLY

Prof Thomas Keal

QM/MM; chemshell

Dr You Lu

QM/MM; chemshell

Former secretaries (scientific)

Dr Steven Thompson


Dr David Heyes


Prof Bill Smith


Dr Maurice Leslie