Summer School 2017

The Summer School 2017 will take place at Lancaster University, 9 July – 18 July 2017. Organised by CCP5 and sponsored by the CECAM organisation, this School is intended for newcomers to the science of molecular simulation and will provide a comprehensive introduction to the methodology, practical sessions on computational methods and examples of the power and versatility of simulation methods.

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As in previous Summer Schools, the first five days of the course will cover the basics of molecular simulation and the remaining four days will be devoted to more advanced courses. Course notes will be provided. In addition to the course lectures, practical sessions will take place in which students will undertake relevant computational exercises.

Important Dates

6 March 2017 – deadline for applications
5 May 2017 – deadline for payment of fees
9 July 2017 – start of the Summer School
18 July 2017 – end of the Summer School

Basic Courses

  • An Overview of Molecular Simulation (1 lecture, CCP5 Chair – N. Allan)
  • Introduction to Practical Session (1 lecture, M. Bannerman and A. Elena)
  • Statistical Mechanics (2 lectures, N. Allan and M. Bannerman)
  • Molecular Dynamics (3 lectures, N. Allan and I. Todorov)
  • Monte Carlo Methods (3 lectures, M. Bannerman)
  • Free Energy Methods (2 lectures, J. Anwar)
  • Optimisation Methods (1 lecture, J. Harding)
  • Introduction to Force Fields (1 lecture, N. Allan)
  • Hyperdynamics (1 lecture, J Harding)

Advanced Courses


N Allan (University of Bristol)

J. Purton (Daresbury Laboratory)

M. Bannerman (University of Aberdeen)

J. Anwar (University of Lancaster)

J. Harding (University of Sheffield)

K. Refson (Royal Holloway, London)

L. Bernasconi (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)

I. Halliday (Sheffield Hallam University)

M. Seaton (Daresbury Laboratory)

R. Henchman (University of Manchester)

C. Cave-Ayland (University of Southampton)

R. Bradshaw (University of Southampton)

Research Seminar Speakers

R. Notman (University of Warwick)

J. Elliott (Cambridge)

M. Sarwar (Johnson Matthey)

S. Harris (University of Leeds)

B. Morgan (University of Bath)

Student Seminar Abstract
C. H. Mendis
G. Giunta
M. Watts