Summer Bursaries

Funding Summer Bursaries for Undergraduate Students (UK Only)

Deadline: 3rd of May 2024

CCP5 (Computational Collaboration Project 5 – simulation of condensed matter) wishes to strengthen links between the CCP5 community by supporting several student bursaries for collaborative summer projects. The scheme provides funds for a student, with UK academic supervisor support, to either: 

1. Work with industry; or 
2. Work with a European academic group; or 
3. Develop and produce teaching material for use within the undergraduate teaching environment (e.g., a molecular modelling course), which must use CCP5 software (e.g., DL_POLY, DL_MONTE, DL_MESO, etc.); or 

4. Develop and produce outreach material using computer simulation with CCP5 software; or 
5. Showcase modern simulation techniques in the context of condensed matter modelling, e.g. AI, rare events, etc. 

For options 3 and 4, Daresbury Laboratory staff will act as sponsors of the project and any project involving DL staff should be discussed with them prior to submission. 

Eligibility Criteria: The bursary holder must be a student in the final year of their undergraduate studies, ideally preparing to start a PhD programme; both PI and student must be members of the CCP5 at the time of the application and be based at a UK/NI University. Only one application per academic supervisor is allowed. Academic supervisor should not have been awarded a bursary in the same scheme the previous year.  

These projects can last for up to three months. We envisage that applications will request £200-£250 per week to cover travel and/or sustenance. The maximum sum available per bursary is £3000. 

Assessment criteria: All eligible applications will undergo peer review by the CCP5++ Executive Committee who will assess applications on the following criteria: 

  1. Merit of the student: academic performance, aptitude and interest in molecular modelling, career ambitions and how much this project is likely to benefit them. 
  2. Quality and suitability of the project. 
  3. Potential value to the CCP5 community and/or the industrial company. 
  4. Provision of adequate resources and justification of the requested budget. 

If successful, recipients will be required to write a short report(1-2 pages) for CCP5 upon completion of the project.  Moreover, for software projects, the course material generated as part of the bursary must be shared with CCP5 so that it can be made available to the whole community via our web pages. 

If the visit is cancelled or curtailed, the funding must be returned to CCP5. 

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