Bursaries 2018

David Willock (Cardiff University) Simulation in Support of the Chem3D Outreach Project

Karen Johnston (Univeristy of Strathclyde) Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Poly(Vinylidene Difluoride) Near a Surface

Andrew Logsdail (Cardiff University) QM/MM modelling of covalently-bound materials with “Py-ChemShell”

Marco Molinari (University of Huddersfield)  Inclusion of Polarizability Effects in Pu1-xThxO2 Actinide Oxides

Doug Cleaver (Sheffield Hallam University) Development of Teaching Materials for Undergraduate Chemistry, utilising DL_Poly

Samuel Murphy (Lancaster University) Structure and properties of stacking faults in high temperature superconductors for fusion energy

David Glowacki (University of Bristol) Constructing Markov Models by sampling molecular dynamics in virtual reality

Flor Siperstein (University of Manchester) Adsorption of amine based surfactants on iron oxide surfaces: effects of solvent quality