Bursaries 2017

  1. Magnetic properties of supported nanoparticles, Norbert Zicher, supervisor Dr Francesca Baletto, King’s College London
  2. Water Networks in Drug-Target Binding, Marley Samways supervisor Professor Jonathan Essex, University of Southampton, industrial supervisor Richard Taylor, UCB
  3. Towards the design of Hybrid Polymer Lipid nanoparticles: Impact of triblock copolymers on mechanical, structural and dynamic properties of lipid bilayers under stress,  Matthew Davies, supervisor Dr Paola Carbone, University of Manchester
  4. Maximising the impact of the new “Python-ChemShell” software package, Joe Jackson-Masters, supervisor Dr Andrew Logsdail, University of Cardiff
  5. Design of CeO2 Nanostructures with Enhanced Catalytic Properties, Robert Caygill, supervisor Dr Marco Molinari, University of Huddersfield
  6. Molecular Dynamcis Simulations of Polymer Properties near a Surface supervisor, Jordan Cree, Dr Karen Johnston, Strathclyde University Glasgow
  7. Monte Carlo Simulation using DL_MONTE for Undergraduates, Chris King, supervisor Dr James Grant, University of Bath
  8. Development of DL_MESO Demonstrator, Meredith Ellis, supervisor Professor Ian Halliday, Sheffield Hallam University