Computational Collaboration Project No 5


Welcome to the homepage of CCP5 . CCP5 is the Collaborative Computational Project for computer simulation of condensed phases and is funded predominantly by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of United Kingdom. It was founded more than 30 years ago to promote the involvement of UK scientists in collaborative research in this area; follow the link for further information about the history of CCP5. Please browse our website to find more about our activities, our projects and people. Join the network to find about new opportunities about PhD or PostDoc positions, student scholarships, conferences and workshops supported by CCP5. Researchers in universities and public research labs can use, free of charge, the vast collection of supported and contributed software for non-commercial purposes. Please note that you can get in touch with our software team for any problems related to currently supported software. CCP5 encourages industrial engagement in many ways - via our workshops and conferences, which often have dedicated industry days, our "Simulation for the Experimentalist and Industrialist" course, student bursary scheme, software and members' expertise.


Impact 1 keV MgO bombardment on Al(111)
Polymer nanoparticle interactions with lipid membrane


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