CCP5 Privacy statement.

Privacy Statement

We take the individual privacy at the highest regard. We will never give your details (name, email address) to third parties by any means. Unless with your consent or by signing up the CCP5 mailing list as you join CCP5, under no circumstances will we use your details to inform or promote any activities relate to CCP5.
We do not keep permanent records of your details except the fact that:

  • You have joined CCP5 mailing list.

  • You send us email messages or any information that requires our reply. In this case we will keep your details until the matter is resolved.

While visiting CCP5 web sites, the web server will store (log) your IP address, browser settings, time and web pages that you have visited. These collectively known as server logs. Unless you give it to us, personal information such as your name, address, birthday, etc will NOT be collected by the server. Neither is there any mechanisms or means installed to positively identify the server logs to you as a particular individual.


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