ccp5 summer bursaries call is open!

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deadline 1st of may 2021

full announcement:
Dear Colleagues,

CCP5 (Computational Collaboration Project 5 - simulation of condensed
matter ( wishes to strengthen links between the CCP5
community by supporting a number of student bursaries for
collaborative summerprojects. The scheme provides funds for a student,
with UK academic supervisor support, to either

1.     Work with industry or
2.     Work with an European academic group or
3.     To provide teaching material for use within the undergraduate
teaching environment (e.g., a molecular modelling course). The
teaching material must use CCP5 software (e.g. DL_POLY, DL_MONTE,
4.     To provide outreach material using computer simulation with
CCP5 software.
5. Showcase modern simulation techniques in context of condensed matter
modelling, eg AI, rare events, etc.

For options 3 and 4, Daresbury Laboratory staff will act as sponsors
of the project and any project involving DL staff should be discussed
with them prior to submission.

These projects can last for up to three months and are ideally for
students just about to start a Ph.D. The application must be received
from a UK academic (i.e. not a student, member of CCP5). We envisage
that applications will request  £200-£250 per week, to include travel
as appropriate. The maximum sum available per busary is £3000,

NB If successful you are required to write a short report for CCP5 and
for software projects the course material must be given to CCP5 so
that it can be made available to the whole community via our web

If interested please refer to
for the application procedure which requires emailing a brief outline
of the project (no more than one page), indicating the costs and the
potential impact to

The closing date for applications is midnight 1st of May 2021. The CCP5
executive committee will decide soon thereafter which are funded based
on the potential value to the CCP5 community and/or the industrial
company(academic group) as well as the quality of the research and
funds available. Priority will be given to new applicants.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021


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