University of Surrey
Guildford, UK.
2nd-5th July 2000

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Information for delegates (Updated 9 June)

The Annual Meeting of CCP5 in the year 2000 happens to be the 21st in the series and also the first in the 21st century. As befits this auspicious coincidence, we plan this meeting to be a rather special occasion, consisting of invited keynote lectures covering a diversity of topics in rapidly moving branches of condensed matter molecular and mesoscale simulation. There will also be opportunities for contributed talks and posters.

An important theme of this meeting is to review the progress made in various branches of what is loosely referred to as 'molecular simulation', and to discuss prospects for and to identify areas that are likely to become of central importance in the not too distant future. The particle-based simulation of liquids, solids and granular materials will be included in the programme. Special attention will be given to methods for expanding the scope of molecular simulation techniques to shorter/longer time and length scales, e.g. biased sampling schemes in Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo, and coarse-graining procedures. In the latter case a desire is to retain important aspects of, for example, chemical discernment at the coarse-grained level of description.

Plenary Lecturers will include:

Jean-Louis Barrat

Département de Physique des matériaux
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Simulating Non-equilibrium Dynamics in Glassy Systems: Aging, Effective Temperature and Behaviour under Shear.

William G. Hoover

Department of Applied Science, University of California at Davis/Livermore,
and Methods Development Group, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,
Livermore, California 94551-7808

From Atoms to Continua, using Smooth Particles.

Benedict Leimkuhler

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Leicester

Geometric Integrators in Molecular Simulation

Ruth M. Lynden-Bell

Atomistic Simulation Group
School of Mathematics and Physics
The Queen's University of Belfast

Simulation: How to do things that experimentalists can't do and wish they could.

Paul Madden

Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory
University of Oxford

Many-body interaction effects on the properties of molten ionic mixtures.

Ugur Tüzün

Dept Chemical & Process Engineering
School of Engineering in the Environment
University of Surrey

Macromolecular Product Engineering using a Simulation Toolkit.

There are opportunities to give contributed talks and posters (see below).

Local organisers:

Prof. David Heyes
Department of Chemistry
University of Surrey
Guildford GU2 5XH, UK.
(+44) 1483 259580
(+44) 1483 876851
Dr. Sebastian Reich,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
University of Surrey,
Guildford GU2 5XH, UK.
(+44) 1483 259000 ext. 2638
(+44) 1483 876071

Other members of the organising committee:

Dr. J. Anwar,
Department of Pharmacy,
King's College London,
Franklin Wilkins Building
150 Stamford Street
Waterloo Campus
London SE1 8WA.
Dr. W. Smith,
CLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Cheshire WA4 4AD.
Prof. Adrian P. Sutton,
University of Oxford
Department of Materials
Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PH.

Conference timetable:

The meeting will start at 09.00 on Monday 3rd July and finish at 13:00 on Wednesday 5th July. For residential delegates, accommodation is provided for the nights of Sunday 2th July, Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July. All accommodation is on the University Campus, a few minutes walk from the lecture theatre.

Registration and Accommodation:

A registration form is available at the CCP5 website (details given below).

The full conference cost (including accommodation, refreshments, meals and conference dinner) is in the range £195-240 per person (depending on the type of accommodation), reduced to £175 for students. For those not requiring accommodation, there is also a reduced conference fee.

There is a £20 supplement for those registering after 1st June.

Presentations and abstracts

An abstract should be sent (preferably at the time of registration and definitely before June 1st) by electronic mail, preferably in LATEX or simply as a text file. If you use MS WORD, please send the abstract as a rtf document. Oral contributions and posters are welcome.

The final date for submitting an abstract for an oral or poster presentation is June 1st.

The abstracts of the talks and posters will be published as part of the conference booklet and also in an issue of the CCP5 quarterly newsletter. Delegates are also encouraged to submit a longer account of their work for publication in the newsletter. Postscript diagrams are acceptable.

Registration Form:

We must have a paper version of the registration form sent in the post to David Heyes, for all methods of payment.

WWW information

Up-to-date information about the meeting can be found at

where there is also a postscript version of this information and registration form.

The University of Surrey at Guildford is close to London and is conveniently situated for two of London's major airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. It is readily reached by public transportation from within the UK. A train from central London takes about 35 minutes. Details of how to travel to the University of Surrey may be found at the WWW address: this WWW address:

A map of the campus and a location map may be downloaded from Here

David Heyes February 2000

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