DL_Software Training, Daresbury Laboratory, 2018

DL_Software Training Workshop

STFC, Daresbury Laboratory

Date: 19-22 February 2018


Registration (CLOSED)

The aim of this 4-day workshop is to provide training in DL_Software packages. This Workshop will provide courses and hands-on session to the following software packages: DL_POLY, DL_FIELD, DL_MESO, DL_MONTE and ChemShell. In addition, ATEN, a GUI atomic editor and analyser for DL_POLY will also be presented.

This is an opportunity for current and potential users of DL_Software to learn how to use these programs and what methodologies and algorithms they include. The workshop also offers demonstrations and hands-on sessions giving users the opportunity to compile, run and experiment with the programs as well as interact with their developers.

Day 1 to Day 3 is the lecture and training sessions for DL_POLY, DL_FIELD, ATEN, ChemShell and DL_MESO.

On Day 2 evening, we will have poster sessions, accompany with wine reception and nibbles. So, please bring along your posters.

Day 4 is the user-led hands on session. On this day, users are given opportunity to seek advice and help in various aspects of computational work that make use of DL_Software. For instance, software modifications, simulation setup and model development, work flow scriptings such as job submissions, etc. Alternatively, this day can also be used for continuation of the tutorial hands-on sessions. We will be there for you to ask any questions!

DL_MONTE training will run as parallel sessions on Day 3 and Day 4.

Attendees have freedom to choose what sessions they wish to attend, but please state your preferences in the registration form.
Please see the Programme Schedules for details.

Event Details

Price: Registration is FREE for the event. Lunch and refreshment will be provided each day.

General information: Brief introductions to each software. Course requirements.

Course content: What you would expect from the Workshop.

Programme schedule: Please take note of parallel sessions (updated: 31 January 2018).

Venue information: Brunner-Mond Training Room, A56, Daresbury Laboratory. Please make yourself known at the Main Security Lobby and you will be directed to Brunner-Mond.

Accommodation: Accommodation is NOT provided with your registration for this event. If you require accommodation during the workshop please make your own reservation. A list of local hotels is available to download. Prices are intended as an indication only and should be checked before booking.

Registration (CLOSED)

Places are limited to 30. So please register soonest you can.
Closing date for registration: 12 February 2018

Any query about this Workshop please email the organiser, Dr Chin Yong.






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