Computational Collaboration Project No 5 - Annual Meeting 2015.

CCP5 Annual Meeting - 2015

Recent Advances in Theory and Applications

Date: Monday 7th September 2015 to Wednesday 9th September 2015
Vanue: University of Lancaster
Organising Committee: Dr. A. Trewin (Lancaster), Dr. J. Purton (STFC)

CCP5 provides support and networking activities for those engaged in developing and exploiting computer simulation for the study of condensed matter systems. These include, but are not limited to, functional materials, soft and biological matter, liquids, catalysts, minerals and biosystems.

Our annual conference brings together those interested in modelling condensed phases to review the latest advances in applications, simulation codes and methodologies. It is also an excellent opportunity for early career researchers to network, and to present their research to the CCP5 community.

As in previous years the conference will be broadly themed. Contributions are welcome from all researchers working with computer simulations of condensed matter. We are particularly keen to see contributions from younger researchers (both oral and poster).

Authors will have the opportunity to publish articles in the journal Molecular Simulation.

A poster is also provided here for circulation within your department.

Please note:
(1) For those who have registered: If you intend to present a talk or a poster please submit your abstract no later than 1st July (note new extended date). There is no upper or lower word limit but must fit within one page.
(2) For those who are not yet registered: the deadline for registration with guaranteed accommodation is 1st July. After this date the registration fee is �250.00 and accommodation on site can be booked at the following sites (subject to availability):

Invited speakers (others to confirm)

Prof. Juan de Pablo, University of Chicago.

Prof. David Scholl, Georgia Institute of Technology.

Prof. Tina Duren (University of Bath).

Dr. George Darling (Univeristy of Liverpool)

Prof. Sally Price (University College London)

Dr Syma Khalid (Univerity of Southampton)

Prof. Andy Cooper (University of Liverpool)

Dr Andy Kerridge (University of Lancaster)



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