Computational Collaboration Project No 5 - Annual Meeting 2014.

CCP5 Annual Meeting - 2014

Recent Advances in Theory and Applications

Date: Monday 8th September 2014 to Thursday 11th September 2014
Vanue: Harper Adams University (near Telford)
Preliminary Programme (DOCX documents):
8 September 2014   9 September 2014   10 September 2014   11 September 2014

CCP5 provides support and networking activities for those engaged in developing and exploiting computer simulation for the study of condensed matter systems. These include, but are not limited to, functional materials, soft and biological matter, liquids, catalysts, minerals and biosystems.

Our annual conference brings together those interested in modelling condensed phases to review the latest advances in applications, simulation codes and methodologies. It is also an excellent opportunity for early career researchers to network, and to present their research to the CPP5 community.

As in previous years the conference will be broadly themed. Contributions are welcome from all researchers working with computer simulations of condensed matter. We are particularly keen to see contributions from younger researchers (both oral and poster).

  • As part of the conference we plan to hold a small session in honour of the 60th birthday of Prof. M. P. Allen and the 25th anniversary of the paperback edition of �Computer Simulation of Liquids�.
  • The conference will this year include an industry day (Wednesday 10 September 2014), organised with the Royal Society of Chemistry and co-sponsored by NNL.
  • Authors will have the opportunity to publish articles in the journal �Molecular Simulation�

Invited speakers (others to confirm)

Prof. M. P. Allen (University of Warwick)
Prof. N.L. Allan (University of Bristol)
Dr. Mark Bankhead (NNL)
Dr. Philip Camp (University of Edinburgh)
Prof. D. Cleaver (Sheffield Hallam University)
Prof. Amparo Galindo (ICL)
Dr. Nicholas Hine (Cambridge)
Prof. Tony Paxton (King's College London)
Prof. Dominic Tildesley (CECAM)


Organising Committee

Dr. D. Quigley (Warwick), Dr. C. Freeman (Sheffield), Prof. Andrew Masters (Manchester) and Dr. J. Purton (DL).
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