Computational Collaboration Project No 5 - Annual Meeting 2011.

CCP5 Annual Meeting - 2011


CCP5 provides support for those engaged in developing and exploiting computer simulation methods for condensed matter systems. These include, but are not limited to, solid state materials, polymers, micelles, liquids, liquid mixtures, liquid crystals, surfaces and interfaces, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, minerals and biosystems. The aim of this year�s meeting is to bring together those interested in modelling condensed phases and to review the latest advances in applications, simulation codes and methodologies. We are particularly keen to see contributions from younger researchers (both oral and poster). The deadline for contributions is Friday 29 July 2011 - registrations can be made after this date. We look forward to welcoming you all to Bath.

Venue and Accommodation
This year�s CCP5 annual meeting will be held at the University of Bath. The conference meeting will take place in 5 West Building (Room 5W2.4) while the registration will be in the Department of Chemistry � 1 South Building (Room 1S0.01) which can be found on the map. Directions to Bath can be found here. Accommodations are in Woodland Court (ensuite) and Westwood (shared bathroom). Please note, the number of rooms available on campus is limited. We will do our best to provide everyone with an on campus accommodation. However delegates who can not be accommodate on campus will have to find their own accommodation in the city of Bath.

Invited Speakers
The complete list of invited Speakers includes:
Martin Dove (Queen Mary) "Network flexibility of hybrid metal organic framework materials"
Richard Catlow (UCL) "Computer Modelling of Microporous and Oxide Catalysts"
Nora de Leeuw (UCL) "Computational studies of biomaterials"
Scott M Woodley (UCL) "Order emerging from the Chaos within the Nano-Universe"
Doug Cleaver (Sheffield Hallam) "Complex structures from particle-based simulations"
John Harding (Sheffield) "Simulation on the edge: the trials and tribulations of modelling interfaces"
Mark Wilson (Durham) "Simulation techniques for the study of self-organisation and self-assembly in soft matter systems"

Note, the deadline for early registrations and contributions is Friday 29 July 2011 - registrations can still be made after this date. For further information on registration and fees - and to complete an online registration form - please visit the registration page.

1) The deadline for payment of registration fees is Friday 26 August.
2) If you register for the meeting and then cancel after Friday 26 August you will be invoiced in full for your registration fees. This is because your fees will already have been allocated for accommodation and refreshments.
3) We are unable to offer any refunds after Friday 26 August for registration fees that have already been paid. This is because your fees will already have been allocated for accommodation and refreshments.

The conference will run from lunchtime (12:30) on Monday 12 September to lunchtime (13:00-14:00) on Wednesday 14 September. Both lunches are provided. The final programme and conference instructions are available here (Printed copies of this document will be issued to delegates during registration).

Steve Parker (Conference Organiser)



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